Mining Engineering

Ahead of the Rest

Summit’s mining and environmental division specializes in both underground and open pit mining, mineral resource estimation, regulatory permits, environmental investigations, reserve studies, and project management.

Summit has over 100 years of experience amongst its employees from working with clients in the Coal Fields of Appalachia on minor reclamation projects to remove a sediment pond to complex permitting needs of traversing under a major water way. We make it a priority to listen to our clients, and create the project that best fits their needs monetarily and in application. If a project can’t be built or is too costly, we recognize that and work with our clients to develop alternative solutions. We don’t take advantage of a client by completing a project that isn’t feasible.

Our staff is comprised of professional engineers, technicians, draftsman, and skilled field personnel. When a project is created, we begin by selecting the best personnel that fits the needs of the team.

Working with our clients, we determine their time frame for the project. Then using our existing relationships and past history with the applicable regulatory groups we ensure that date is realistic. Once the project is complete, we continue to follow up and listen to our clients to see if there are any new developing issues. So many firms finish a project and move on to the next without any appreciation or value of their clients.

In summary, we approach projects from our client’s point of view, representing our clients’ interests, and watching out for our client’s bottom line. Our smaller size allows us to be responsive to our client’s needs, creative in our solutions, and cost effective in our execution.