Little Beech Fork Stream Restoration

Client Czar Coal Corporation
Location Martin County, Kentucky

Project Detail

In October 2007, Czar Coal Corporation selected Summit Engineering to perform its construction inspection and post-construction monitoring and reporting for a mitigation project which began earlier in 2007. This project was the result of a Compensatory Mitigation Plan (CMP), approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on September 9, 2003 for the proposed impacts due to surface mining. The activities were authorized under Nationwide Permit 21. The CMP included the restoration/enhancement of 6,256 feet of Little Beech Fork. A detailed monitoring plan was also included as part of the CMP. During construction, Summit Engineering personnel provided on-site technical assistance with regards to reshaping the channel, bankfull benches, and bank slopes, including stakeout and as-built surveying. Personnel directed the placement of bank revetment logs, single and double log deflectors, boulders clusters, log sills, rootwads and riffle areas. Initial establishment and enhancements of the riparian buffer was also observed and technical support offered to the contractor as necessary.

Project Scope: Project includes on-site technical assistance, progress reports, and project management during construction along with postconstruction as-built surveys, and monitoring reports.

Project Size: Project area is a 313-acre mining site located in Martin County, Kentucky proposing 6,776 feet of stream impacts and 6,256 feet of stream restoration, and enhancement following mining.