Broad experience, challenging terrains

Summit Engineering’s field staff offers more than 100 years of combined experience in both conventional and global positioning (GPS) survey methods.  Our survey staff is comprised of six qualified field personnel who have accumulated an impressive depth of experience on jobs, both large and small, the majority of which are in challenging terrain.  Our projects deliver the highest standards of accuracy through utilization of state of the art equipment, software and support vehicles. Summit’s experience includes a wide array of survey projects including:

  • Baseline Surveys
  • Cross Section Surveys
  • Aerial Mapping
  • GPS Capability
  • Cross-Sections
  • Construction Staking
  • Planimetric
  • Reconnaissance
  • TOPO
  • Boundary
  • Property and Subdivision
  • Roadway Surveys
  • Control Surveys for Aerial Photography
  • Mine Survey (Underground, Quarries, Stockpiles)
  • GPS Capability
  • ALTA Surveys

GIS Services

Available Data – We have a wide range of GIS data for Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia.  Quality and availability varies but some of the layers that are generally available include:

  • Political boundaries – city, county, state
  • Transportation – roads, railroads
  • Aerial imagery – recent aerial imagery (mostly leaf-on) is available for the entire US.
  • Topographic maps – scanned USGS quad maps
  • Flood maps – FEMA is moving to GIS for all of their flood hazard products.  We have flood map data for all of Kentucky available.  Other areas can be acquired quickly if needed.

Other data readily available for Kentucky includes:

  • Known mined out areas – polygon features organized by coal seam
  • Scanned and georeferenced mine maps (surface and underground)
  • Oil and gas wells –mapping updated on a daily basis
  • Water and sewer utility mapping – lines, tanks, treatment plants, etc.

LiDAR Mapping – We have very high quality elevation data generated as part of FEMA’s initiative to update their flood hazard mapping.  We currently have data in hand for Pike, Floyd, Martin, and Magoffin counties in Kentucky.  The data is considered accurate enough to generate contours down to a two foot interval.

Custom Data/Mapping – The sky is the limit.

One example would be to put together a clickable map with all of the mining permits for a company.  The mapping could include permit boundaries, water sampling locations, and any other relevant info.  Features in the mapping are linked to a database than can store lab reports, permit info, etc.

Other possibilities include 3D renderings of a project area generated by draping aerial photography over an elevation model, or determining areas of a site that are visible from certain locations (view-shed analysis).